Used Cars



If you are looking for affordable used cars that are in great condition, come and see the models listed below (and more) at our Jan Noorduynweg office.

Sales: Manuel de Andrade

Cellphone number: 511-4551

Phone number: 888-8080 ext 104


 Audi A4 2007
 Audi Q5 2009
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 Chevrolet Equinox 2007  Chevrolet Captiva 2009
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CMC Zinger Z7 2012
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Ford Everest 2007
 Ford Fusion 2007
 ford 2007 fusion sel
 KIA Sorento 2012  KIA Sorento 2012
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 Lifan 2012  Mercedes-Benz 300ML 2001

 Mercedes-Benz 350ML 2005
 Mitsubishi Nativa GLS 2001
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 Mitsubishi Outlander 2006
 Mitsubishi Lancer GL 2009
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 Mitsubishi Lancer GL 2012  Mitsubishi L200 2013
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 Mitsubishi Montero GLS 2014  Nissan Altima 2011
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 Soueast V3 2012  VW Passat 2012
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